analytical water testing services for commercial and institutional facilities

Pathogen Water Testing Methods

InTechWater provides a new class of analytical water testing services for commercial and institutional facilities that enables facility owners and managers, infection prevention and environmental health and safety personnel to improve water safety, reduce water processing costs and comply with best practice standards and regulations.

InTechWater uses an affiliate partner, based in Chicago, that are certified as proficient in the Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) program administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for using their patented rapid-response validation test (results in 2-4 days) and the ISO 11731 spread plate method. They have passed every proficiency test since the beginning of the CDC ELITE program with 100% correct scores. We also provide complete testing services required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA), cooling towers, and all water chemistries.

InTechWater provides comprehensive microbiological water testing for all water systems. We employ the fastest & most accurate Legionella testing service by applying the patented rapid-response test method (results in 2-4 days!) for quantitative measurement of viable Legionella and total heterotrophic aerobic bacteria. Results are useful for validation of biological hazard control in potable and utility water systems.

Accuracy & Speed!

  • This unique test is a time zero dipslide format which means that the sample is inoculated immediately in the field and thereby eliminates inaccuracies due to bacterial growth or decline in water samples during transport to the laboratory.
  • Other conventional tests, including the ISO 11731 Legionella test, are inoculated via spread plating after the drawn water sample is shipped to a laboratory.
  • The delay due to shipping, eliminated with our testing methods of time zero, often causes inaccurate results due to sample holding time effects.
  • Scientific survey results show that a statistically-significant number of ISO 11731 spread plate analyses return a false-positive result.

Benefits of Our Microbiological Testing

  • Faster because culturing occurs at time zero and results are typically communicated 2-4 days after receipt in the lab, rather than the standard 7-10 days.
  • More accurate because variations due to changes in water samples during shipment are entirely eliminated, since the sample is inoculated immediately in the field.
  • Legionella bacteria and total heterotrophic aerobic bacteria (THAB) are obtained from the same sample with one protocol.
  • Results are reported electronically with digital images and chain of custody records and are automatically archived in the InTechWater web-based analytics platform providing access to results at any time.
  • Results have been proven reliable for determining viable cell concentrations of:
    • Legionella pneumophila (serogroup 1 and 2-14)
    • Non-pneumophila Legionella species
    • Total heterotrophic aerobic bacteria (THAB)
Cruise Vessel Water Testing

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