Cruise Ship Water Testing

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InTechWater is a research & data driven water technology company focused on deploying advanced hardware & software applications to serve the water management needs of these industries:

  • Commercial Buildings   
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Hospitals/Healthcare
  • Retail Facilities
  • Universities
  • Manufacturing

With over 35 years in the water technology industry, including research & development, InTechWater possesses unique credentials and field acumen in the science of water management, data metrics, data acquisition, monitoring & process control, including automation. With leading-edge instrumentation, sensors, hardware and software, IntelliMetrics provides online, real-time performance and metric based feedback.

IntelliMetrics is a highly developed, and customizable, intelligent real time monitoring system

Web Enabled Water Management System

Monitoring, Control and Reporting for Water Systems

IntelliMetrics is a complete water management information system from field data acquistion to intuitive digital, informational, and analytical dashboards. IntelliMetrics is a highly developed, and customizable, intelligent real time monitoring to securely access all of your essential water management information from any web browser. This revolutionary web-based water management platform can be customized for any water system.

IntelliMetrics uses digital, informational, and analytical dashboards

IntelliMetrics uses digital, informational, and analytical dashboards to help facility and building water systems management to keep track of their key performance metrics and drive effective decisions, leveraging all of the benefits of smarter automation and digitization!

Cooling Tower Maintenance Plans

Cooling Tower Maintenance Plans

Following the Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in New York City this past summer, there is a great deal of concern and uncertainty about what’s required for proper cooling tower maintenance. As a building or facility water system manager or owner, you need to (mandated) protect your employees, visitors, guests, and/or patients from known hazards, such as these deadly bacteria. Further, you will need to stay in compliance with your local and/or state Health Department regulations.

In addition, many states are now requiring the testing and inspection of cooling towers as well as implementation of a cooling tower maintenance plan. Building or facility water system managers or owners with a cooling tower are required to implement a maintenance plan by in 2016.

Cruise Ship Water Testing

Cruise Ship Water Testing

InTechWater performs portside specialized microbiological water testing for Legionella and total heterotrophic aerobic bacteria primarily in whirlpool spas and hot water systems of cruise ships during their portage in South Florida. InTechWater validates under operating conditions that bacterial hazards in water have been eliminated, reduced or prevented from harming people.

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