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InTechWater is a research & data driven water technology company focused on deploying advanced hardware & software applications to serve the water management needs of commercial buildings, Leisure & Hospitality, hospitals/healthcare, retail facilities, universities, and manufacturing.

With over 35 years in the water technology industry, including research & development, InTechWater possesses unique credentials and field acumen in the science of water management, data metrics, data acquisition, monitoring & process control, including automation. With leading-edge instrumentation, sensors, hardware and software, IntelliMetrics provides online, real-time performance and metric based feedback.

Driving Mechanisms:

Today's building and facility water management systems are under enormous pressure to deliver a higher quality of service and improved risk management while reducing costs, meeting tighter compliance and security mandates, as well as improved recordkeeping.

Water management is emerging as a vital piece in the sustainable growth strategy for enterprises and entire economies.

The more advanced view of water management will demand significant long-term commitment, improved forms of internal and external collaboration, and smarter technology-enabled decision support infrastructures to deal with increasing threats and complexity ahead and help optimize the way we collectively manage and protect one of the planet's most precious natural resources.

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